Azure Git Listener — a Jira plugin to link your Azure Git repositories

Install Azure Git Listener and get a nice button at your Jira issue page that lets you view linked commits, branches and pull requests.

Azure Git Listener features:

  • Easily link Azure Git repositories to your Jira Cloud
  • View commits, branches, and pull requests in Jira
  • Create branches and pull requests straight from Jira
  • Easy configuration
  • Instant access to new releases and upgrades

Azure Git Listener is super easy to use:

  • Install the plugin
  • Allow Azure Git Listener to access to your Git repositories using our super simple configuration wizard
  • Navigate to any issue in Jira
  • Click the "Azure Git" link on the right
  • View linked commits

Take a look at our documentation for more details.

How does it work?

Azure Git Listener scans your Git repositories and finds Jira issue keys in your commit messages, branch names, and pull request titles. The commits/branches/PRs are then displayed in "Azure Git" sections on each issue page. We do not clone your Git repositories, so your code remains safe (see more details at our FAQ page).

Have more questions?

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